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Blog Setup

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Simple Viral Games
Simple Viral Games
Play Games, Anytime and Anywhere!
Sourav Badami
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In this post, we will be walking through our blog setup using Hugo, Cloudflare Pages and some Love ❤️


Hola! I hope you’re doing well. Let’s get started. This is going to be super easy, so you can take a nice and cosy seat. We should be done in 5 minutes.



We have used Hugo to set up this space along with Blowfish theme. If you don’t have Hugo installed, please follow through the link above to set it up. We will also need a cloudflare pages account to deploy the blog, please feel free to use any other solution as per your need.

Let’s create a fresh hugo blog.

hugo new site blog

The next step is to set up the Blowfish theme. We will be using git submodules to set this up. There are some more ways to get this done, which can be found in the Blowfish docs.

This is how we get the themes.

cd blog
git init
git submodule add -b main themes/blowfish

Once you’ve fetched the theme, you need to get the theme configs configured for your blog. Create a new directory path in your project root.

mkdir config
mkdir _default

Now let’s copy the theme config to our project config directory.

cp themes/blowfish/config/_default/*.toml config/_default

Uncomment the theme name in config/_default/config.toml

Vola! We’re done. Now let’s start the Hugo server and check out our setup.

hugo server -D

Template Settings

Follow this guide to set up your template as you wish.

Your First Post

Create a file inside content directory. Use the below format.

title: "Post Name"
date: 2023-12-27T02:31:13+05:30
tags: [general]
categories: General
comment: true
draft: false
showAuthor: true
summary: Post Summary
  - "authorname"
showAuthorsBadges: true

Start your content here ...


Please stay tuned for the deployment steps!